Power From The Universe

POWER FROM THE UNIVERSE Thirty year Anniversary Special Re Release confirmed for November 2014. second album POWER FROM THE UNIVERSE... Our label SPV has authorised a definite November 2014 special 30th Anniversary Digi Pack Re Release making it our third World wide release since November 2013. We've added three rare bonus tracks recorded at Neat Studios in the mid eighties which are Killer Woman, Radio Thunder, and Loves on Fire as well as adding linear song notes and some extra photos taken from those early days never seen before. We're all hoping it turns out to be as successful as our previous Special Re Release Burn this Town..
Once all the work for the PFTU album is completed and released, the guys will be taking a few weeks off before preparing to
starting work on a fourth BATTLEAXE album for 2015.

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Heavy Metal Sanctuary

Our new album is now available.
" ALBUM of the YEAR "
Battleaxe is back with full strength, and sounding better than ever. Heavy Metal Sanctuary is a heavy metal masterpiece that for the modern metal age, will take many by storm. Finally, Battleaxe’s third album sees the light of day, and boy does it deliver the goods! Of any album to check out this year, I highly recommend this one. Heavy metal doesn’t get much better than this................
Read the full review here:

12 blistering songs that define the meaning of heavy metal.   Planet Mosh 5/5

Dave King conspires to make Udo Dirkschnieder sound like a Michael Buble tribute act:  An absolute mountain of magnificently overblown mayhem. A true - "Heavy Metal Sanctuary" indeed!    Mark Gregory, No Sleep till Saltburn.   
Official No Sleep Till Saltburn Rating - 10/10

"Heavy Metal Sanctuary" is neither more nor less than the best achievement of BATTLEAXE. It was worth waiting 30 years, I'm glad I cut the fat end with this old friend. 
  DARK SCHNEIDER   Metal.nightfall   France

This really has to be one of the greatest comebacks in history:

Heavy Metal Sanctuary" is a down to earth manifest the purest heavy metal musical art, a single fortress of steel grades. Who was the last two Accept-slices super, is also to "Heavy Metal Sanctuary" have overjoyed:
  Darkscene Germany.

"Heavy Metal Sanctuary" is pretty much the best openers I've heard in years:   
Obtained if only because of the title track BATTLEAXE for me to pass into Heavy Metal Heaven:
  Twilight  Germany

The likes of ‘Give It More’ and ‘A Prelude To Battle’/’The Legions Unite’ in particular beating their chests and squaring up like Accept on steroids.    John Tucker  Rock journalist

Overall, a superb slab of NWOBHM sounding Heavy Metal with blistering guitar riffs and solos. This is old school Metal worthy of a place in the modern era.   Metal Temple   5/5

When Steamhammer signed British NWOBHM veterans BATTLEAXE earlier last year, they knew damned well what they did. Both 80s releases, Power From The Universe, but especially the debut Burn This Town nowadays are pure timeless cult which without any doubt stood the test of time.
HMS is the comeback of the year! Full of energy, full of power, full of decibels and, last but not least, full of music!:
Spark magazine, Czech republic  5.5/6

This one must be an excellent track to end a gig with (Romeo) (just listen to the lyrics too). A perfect end for a jewel as this one! I've rocked my roll! Hell yeah! 
   Filip VAN MUYLEM  peek-a-boo-magazine.be    Belgium   90/100

Fans of NWOBHM will go beserk for "Metal Sanctuary", and rightfully so, the album featuring twelve tracks of Accept meet AC/DC with a touch of Helloween thrown in for good measure.  If Battleaxe keep on producing such distinguished music as this then I can only pray they will stick around a little longer this time.
Mark Grimshaw  Powerplay magazine   UK 9/10

Battleaxe offers a rich platter of classic heavy and power metal, and they make it sound fresh and invigorating:
 Overall, Battleaxe's Heavy Metal Sanctuary is rather strong stuff, engaging classic heavy/power metal.
Recommended  Dangerdog.com

BATTLEAXE can be proud of the work on this album absolutely remarkable, just hope that the group decided to return permanently and that Heavy Metal Sanctuary calls other albums of the same ilk ... After HELL and SATAN, this unexpected return BATTLEAXE is a blessing for fans of old school Heavy! Album indispensable! 

You listen and love it, or you get your face kicked in. Brutal.
      Phoenix Rising   8/10

So who in his Metal heart has a place for steel from the island left, is with songs like 'Heavy Metal Sanctuary', 'Shock And Awe', 'Too Hot For Hell' or 'Romeo' his first real highlight in 2014 experiencing. 
   Metal Hammer Germany  5/7

They must be applauded for getting stuck in and not trying to make a contempary Heavy Metal album; instead they have shown why albums of their ilk refuse to vanish: Great music will live forever.  Dan Bond, Fireworks magazine.UK

'Shock And Awe' is just fuckin' sick... Their heaviest and most vicious cut yet, seeing them just flat out RIP the heaviness... It's a great war anthem tune.  Vibrations of Doom   USA  85/100

I find myself listening to this album over and over and over, discovering something new each time. With its AC/DC-meets-Accept sound, this album is loud and electrifying throughout. Guitar heavy with blistering solos, massive sounding in rhythm/percussion, screaming vocals, all culminating into catchy hooks and riffs, if there isn’t something here for you, you should not be listening to metal at all. This is a true reminder of why I began to love heavy metal way back when.   selectivememorymag.com  USA

Heavy Metal Sanctuary emulates the two 80-crown jewels "Burn this Town" and "Power from the Universe" by vigorous without losing it in the least substance:  
Allover-ffm-rock.de   Germany 8.5/10

Check out Battleaxe and know why Britain will always be known as the birthplace of metal!
   Therighttorock.com  3/4

The third jet is simply a small miracle from a Battleaxe we had long relegated to the radius of old memories. A return to the past invigorating and refreshing!
  Musicwaves France.

Battleaxe comes back with classic power metal songs that simply spell headbanging party fun in the spirit of AC/DC and Iron Maiden.  
Rog Trivinos,  Horrormetalsounds.com

I don’t know if Battleaxe is back for the long haul, or if HEAVY METAL SANCTUARY is a one-off album but either way, the band can be proud that they’ve left us fans with a top-shelf slab of metal.  

Pretty bad ass NWOBHM. British Heavy Metal is back to show the rest of the world why the UK are long considered the pioneers of Metal! 
Hell... I never expected an album this good, in all honesty. I’m sold! If you like Heavy Metal, get into this Sanctuary, fast! Or F%$You! 

The Battleaxe to add to the list of artists that will leave you with your mouth open when you press the play button on the stereo.  Rocking.gr    Greece.


2016 to date.. Battleaxe are currently working on a fourth heavy metal album  with no title given at this early stage.. The band  stated the new album will be based around a concept rather than a collection of songs as on previous releases.
The band,originally from the NWOBHM era are avasting a new generation of metal fans from around the World since  their recent signing to  SPV in 2012. and their current three album releases Burn this Town 2013,.Power from the Universe 2014, and Heavy Metal Sanctuary 2015 ..  BATTLEAXE   Supported by SPV BMG SONY MUSIC.    ( www.spv.de )         face book    Battleaxe (NWOBHM) Official

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